*Recommended by some of the    

top Lash Stylists in the USA

*Long Lasting (Touch-ups from

4-6 weeks)

*Creates softness, flexibility

*Fast setting & little to no fumes

*Guaranteed Performance

*5 gram


  .....Fast Dry


Eyelash Remover

Eye Patches


Collagen Eye Patches

Eye Make-Up Remover


Coating Sealant

Crystal Drop

Faux Mink Lashes (Trays)



Lash Primer   

Collagen Anti-Wrinkle

5 pack

Gel Remover 15 ml

Lint Free Firming and


Renews elasticity and

Moisture to the skin

5 pack

Removes protein for easy

lash application while moisturizing natural lashes.

Increase bonding strength

Creates shine to lashes

Thicker, more vivid

luxurious look

Formulated for lash extensions


Vetus Tweezers Curved (5A-SA)

Vetus Tweezers Straight (2A-SA)