Raising the Bar of Excellence Above and Beyond.......

As a company for Professionals  we offer education in lash extensions that takes you to a new generation of lash extensions.  We have the vision to excellence in lash extensions that will change the lash industry as we know it.

If you are currently a Professional Lash Extension Stylist we offer a private course for 1 to 2 days that will advance your career in the lash industry.  You will  become “Unique” in a business that has become boring  and indifferent to the quality of application and product.

If you are a Professional in the Beauty Industry and would like to immediately increase your income and offer a distinct service in Lash Extensions we can offer you the edge that will set you apart from the rest.

Our education course is for 2 days and will be hands on along with complete knowledge and expertise of application techniques.  We use only the top Educational Master Teachers to teach this course.

Once completed we believe in continual education so there will be educational tutorials offered.  As professionals we recognize the fact that there is constant change and therefore  an important part of your service is continual education.

To book your educational course contact us at info@vlashe.com.